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Radwag product certificationRadwag product certification
Balances and scales for professionals

Balances and Scales for Professionals

Our mission is designing professional products based on technically advanced concepts.

RADWAG portfolio comprises microbalances, analytical balances, precision balances, industrial scales, automatic scales, mass comparators, weighing modules and other professional instruments supporting or carrying out weighing.

RADWAG electronic balances, scales and weighing systems ensure the best precision and accuracy of mass measurement even in the most demanding laboratory environment and harsh industry conditions.
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The Highest Quality, Precision and Reliability

All products are based on our own design and technological solutions. RADWAG introduces over ten new products each year and continuously improves the existing ones.

The best quality of manufactured equipment is RADWAG's priority. 100% of ordered components and finished products undergo internal quality control and are verified in terms of compliance with our internal requirements and applicable standards. All products are issued conformity declarations.

RADWAG balances and scales can be purchased almost anywhere in the world. An extensive sales network consists of fifteen worldwide sales offices. The sale is carried out by over 150 distributors from all around the globe. The company is an active participant in the world's most important trade fairs.
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Customer Support

In concern for the highest quality and customer's comfort, RADWAG offers a wide range of pre-order and post-order services. Our qualified specialists in RADWAG and partner sales offices all around the world are at your disposal.

We provide comprehensive services including supply with necessary products, professional installation and start-up, training, technical consulting, preparation of procedures, calibration and metrological supervision along with optimized service procedure.
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Technical Support
Staff Training
Qualification: IQ, OQ, PQ
Device installation and start-up
Additional services

About Us

RADWAG Wagi Elektroniczne is among the key players manufacturing electronic weighing equipment worldwide. The company was established in 1984 and since then uses its own advanced technological know-how. RADWAG offers a wide range of modern laboratory balances and industrial, medical, automatic and control scales.

Numerous certificates and awards confirm compliance with nationally applicable standards and high quality of the RADWAG-manufactured products.
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years of successful work
proprietary sales offices in the world

Competitive Advantages

RADWAG equipment offers numerous unique features and functionalities.
This makes our balances and scales one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable tools in mass measurement regardless of the industry for which they are used.

  • Compliance with 21 CFR part 11
  • Unlimited secured data in ALIBI memory
  • Automatic air buoyancy compensation system
  • Remote control
  • “Formulations” function
  • Built-in ambient conditions module
  • Fully automated weight leveling system
  • 18 working modes, 22 measuring units (including 2 user units)
  • Measurement series and Gaussian distribution graphs
  • Automatic pipette calibration adapter
  • Access management
  • Data management
  • Direct data transfer – elimination of transcription errors
  • Wide range of communication interfaces
  • Data integrity – Audit Trail
  • Databases and reports - 16 GB memory
  • Over 550 variables
  • Standard and non-standard printouts (100 easily configurable, with 1000 characters)
  • Backup using USB flash drive - exceptional RADWAG feature
  • Shortcuts & Function keys
  • GLP & Filter Autotest
  • Mobile communication – Radwag Connect for Android or iOS
  • Reduction of cross - contamination risk (wireless terminal, IR sensors)
Laboratory Balances
Moisture Analyzers
High Resolution Scales
Industrial Scales
Indicators and Terminals
Scales intended for EX Area
Mass Comparators
Maximum capacity [Max] : 2.1g - 6.1g
Readability [d] : 0.1µg
Maximum capacity [Max] : 0.8g - 52g
Readability [d] : 1µg - 10µg
Analytical Balances
Maximum capacity [Max] : 52g - 520g
Readability [d] : 0.01mg - 0.1mg
Precision Balances
Maximum capacity [Max] : 200g - 120kg
Readability [d] : 0.001g - 2g
MA 3Y Moisture Analyzers
Maximum capacity [Max] : 60g - 200g
Readability [d] : 0.1mg - 1mg
MA X2.A Moisture Analyzers
Maximum capacity [Max] : 50g - 210g
Readability [d] : 0.1mg - 1mg
MA R2 Moisture Analyzers
Maximum capacity [Max] : 50g - 210g
Readability [d] : 0.1mg - 1mg
PMV Microwave Moisture Analyzers
Maximum capacity [Max] : 50g
Readability [d] : 0.1mg
HY10.HRP High Resolution Platforms
Maximum capacity [Max] : 5kg - 2000kg
Readability [d] : 0.1g - 50g
HY10.HRP.H High Resolution Platforms
Maximum capacity [Max] : 5kg - 2000kg
Readability [d] : 0.1g - 50g
PUE 7.1.HRP High Resolution Platforms
Maximum capacity [Max] : 5kg - 2000kg
Readability [d] : 0.1g - 50g
1-Load-Cell Platform Scales
Maximum capacity [Max] : 1.5kg - 300kg
Readability [d] : 0.5g - 100g
Multifunctional Scales
Maximum capacity [Max] : 0.6kg - 300kg
Readability [d] : 0.2g - 100g
4-Load-Cell Platform Scales
Maximum capacity [Max] : 150kg - 6000kg
Readability [d] : 50g - 2kg
PUE 7 Indicator
PUE 5 Indicator
HX7 Terminal
HY10 Terminal
PUE HX5.EX Terminal
Compliance with ATEX directive
PUE HX5.EX Scales Hazardous Area Endangered with Gas Explosion
Maximum capacity [Max] : 1.5kg - 6000kg
Readability [d] : 0.1g - 2000g
PUE HX5.EX Scales Hazardous Area Endangered with Gas and Dust Explosion
Maximum capacity [Max] : 3kg - 6000kg
Readability [d] : 0.1g - 2000g
Communication Modules
Expanded communication interfaces range of the HX5.EX indicator
Maximum capacity [Max] : 300g - 6000kg
Readability [d] : 0.1g - 2000g
Labelling Automatic Scales
Maximum capacity [Max] : 3000g - 7500g
Readability [d] : 1g - 5g
Roller Scales
Maximum capacity [Max] : 300kg - 6000kg
Readability [d] : 100g - 2000g
Rotational Scales
Maximum capacity [Max] : 600g - 7500g
Readability [d] : 0.2g - 5g
Automatic Vacuum Mass Comparators
Maximum capacity [Max] : 1002g
Readability [d] : 0.1µg
Robotic Mass Comparators
Maximum capacity [Max] : 5.1g - 1060g
Readability [d] : 0.1µg - 1µg
Automatic Mass Comparators
Maximum capacity [Max] : 5.1g - 51kg
Readability [d] : 0.1µg - 1mg
Manual Mass Comparators
Maximum capacity [Max] : 5.1g - 2100kg
Readability [d] : 0.1µg - 10g

Our customers

Mass measurement is an essential element of multiple processes taking place in many industrial enterprises regardless of their industry. RADWAG's innovative, patented solutions, top quality and reliability meet even the most demanding process requirements.RADWAG products are applied in various industries, numerous research laboratories, and health and environment protection institutes. They meet the needs of agri-food, meat and fish industry and are used in trade, transport and logistics. Advanced automatic weighing instruments can be fully integrated into customers' production lines, and modern weighing indicators can operate as industrial computers.
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Chemical Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Cosmetics Industry
Agriculture Industry
Food Industry
Research Centres
Petrochemical Industry
Environmental Protection


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